The Revere Golf Club prides itself in offering only the finest in Las Vegas golf course conditions. Our golf course is a living environment that is constantly changing throughout the year. Maintenance activities such as watering and mowing need to be done nearly every day. Most of this work can be accomplished prior to or following your outing. However, due to Las Vegas, Nevada weather conditions of heat in the summer and cool nights in the winter, some of these activities may be taking place during playing hours. Our maintenance staff is trained to be conscious of our players and be as unobtrusive as possible. Some activities such as aerification and overseeding are essential for premium turf conditions. Aerifications are typically done in the late spring, summer, and early fall. Course closure dates are scheduled for our major aerification dates and once the greens are aerified and top-dressed, they are very playable the following day. Optimum playing conditions are typically restored within three to five days. Our overseeding process typically takes place in the late summer or early fall and will require us to close the golf course for about three weeks. This process is done to assure premium golfing conditions throughout the cooler months. Directly following our overseeding process, the golf course is usually a little wetter than normal to allow for proper growth as well as cart path only. Please call The Revere Golf Club direct at 702.259.4653 to inquire about aerification and overseeding dates.