Learning to play golf is an enormous challenge for every student. Our qualified teaching professionals will dramatically improve the student’s level of play and will cultivate competitive spirits and self-confidence that will last a lifetime.

The Revere Golf Club Instructional Clinics are run with exceptional service and can accommodate a variety of levels, in a non-intimidating environment. Each group of eight golfers will be paired with one qualified teaching professional and will spend 2 hours concentrating on their choice of one of the following areas:

Fundamentals of Grip, Stance & Aiming
Fundamentals of Half Swing
Fundamentals of Chipping
Fundamentals of Putting
Fundamentals of Bunker Play

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Includes: 2 Hours of Instruction, Pewter Bag Tag, Brass Divot Tool, Ball Markers, Tees, Equipment, Bottled Water and Clinic Coordination. *Minimum of 8 Golfers / Maximum of 30 Golfers Every 3 Hours Required