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The Revere Golf Club is the perfect location for your next corporate event, dinner party, holiday party, or wedding. Our new 23,000+ square foot clubhouse is home to Buckman’s Restaurant and Bar, along with flexible banquet facilities which can accommodate groups of all sizes. The panoramic views from our restaurant and banquet rooms is spectacular as the entire length of the clubhouse features floor to ceiling glass...providing one of the most spectacular panoramic vistas of the Las Vegas Valley and the Las Vegas Strip.

Please allow our professional staff to assist you in planning your next special day. Specific catering menus, options, and entire wedding information will follow on this site soon. However, please feel free to complete our wedding/special event form and it will be directly emailed to us. We will respond to you right away and assist you in your event planning. Should you have any questions or special requests, please contact:
Catering Sales Manager, Stephanie Whatley 
(702)-617-5707 or  via email at

Wedding Packages

 The Revere is looking forward to the opportunity of making your special day a memorable one. We understand your needs are varied and The Revere offers a vast array of scenarios to make the wedding of your dreams become a reality.  

Your  Wedding Package Includes:
5 Hour Ceremony and Reception Package
Choose from 3 Outdoor Locations and 1 Indoor Location
White Garden Chairs, Wedding Arch with Draping, Sand Ceremony Pedestal, Aisle Runner, Bridal Changing Room, and Wedding Rehearsal.
Washington Reception Room with floor to ceiling window walls and panoramic views of the Las Vegas Strip.
Color Coordinated Linens , Napkins, Chair Covers with Sash, Dance Floor, Use of Standard Centerpiece Items, Projector and Screen.
Entertainment and Amenities Options
MC/ Disc Jockey for Ceremony and Reception
Full Service Wedding Coordination , Event Set Up and Tear Down.

Keep in mind, w
e are able to tailor any package or assist you in creating your personal customized package to suit your needs.  Here’s to the beginning of planning the event of your life.

Facility Use Charges

Facility Use Charges :

$1,400 for use of Banquet Room
$1,500 for Ceremony Fee

Additional Wedding Amenities



Chameleon Chairs                                                                             $12.50 pp


Crepe or Organza Linen Upgrade                                                 $ 9.75 pp
       Custom Three Tier Centerpieces with Votives                          $ 20.00 per table

Custom Floral Centerpiece                                                                $125.00 per table

Custom LED Up Lighting Package                                                  $850.00 for 12 Light System
        *Includes Custom Lighting Design Appointment

Buckman's Bar - Cocktail Reception Venue                                 $1000.00 (includes pipe and drape)
        *Includes use of TV's for photo montage

Patio - Cocktail Reception Venue                                                     $500 ( Add-On to Buckman's)
*Includes Linen and Votive Candles


Do I have to use your catering?
Yes.Based on our company health policy, we must provide all of the food and beverage except for outside wedding cakes or wine.With the wine, a corkage fee will be applied for each bottle.Both situations require approval from the Director of Catering.

Your catering menus are structured in packages, if we don’t want certain items in the package, is that okay?Will that affect the price?

Yes to both.We structure the packages to include amenities that most weddings ask for.We do this to eliminate the legwork in tracking down outside vendors, as well as the difficulty in trying to figure out the per person prices by adding together all of the amenities.Should you not require services or amenities, we’ll simply remove the item, which will lower the price.For instance, if you’ve already hired a disc jockey or cake maker, we’ll eliminate the service lowering your price.Keep in mind though, your stress level and peace of mind will be better in being assured that you have a trusted vendor that’s also familiar with the facility.

If we don’t see food items or package that fit our needs, can you tailor something to fit our choice and budget?
Yes.Our Executive Chef and Sous Chef have more than 50 years of experience combined between the two of them, and can custom make different preferences or ethnic cuisines.In addition, should you not see pricing to fit your budget, please don’t hesitate to ask us to tailor a package to fit your target dollar amount.

How much time do we get the facility for with weddings?

You’ll receive five and a half hours for a ceremony and reception, or five hours for a reception only.You may extend the time allotment if arranged outside of five days from the wedding day.A fee of $2 per guest (Total Guest Count) will be assessed for every additional half hour.

Is there a bridal changing room?

Two and a half hours prior to the function, the large Ladies bathroom on premises will be reserved for the bride and her bridal party.Our staff supplies water and champagne in the room, in addition to room décor.It’s a great room to change and add final touches to your appearance, but not the best for long durations of time for hair and make-up.

Can we bring in candles?

Yes.The only stipulation is that our county fire code requires the candles to be enclosed on the sides and base with some type of protection, most commonly glass.We don’t allow any candles with an open flame without protection, except for the unity candle presentation on the ceremony site with management approval.

Do you recommend a unity candle for the ceremony site?

We prefer a new trend with similar symbolism known as a sand ceremony.It’s a lot like the unity candle service, except that colored sand is used to avoid wind or flame issues that commonly come up by using candles outside.

The ceremony site is 250 yards away from the reception room.Is there any transportation available for the guests?

We shuttle all of the guests to and from the ceremony site.We do ask that on the invitation, for your guest arrival time, you put 30 minutes ahead of the actual time you would like the ceremony to begin.This gives us the time to shuttle all of the guests out to the ceremony site.

For plated dinners, can we offer our guests more than one choice?

Yes.You may offer your guests two to three different choices in their invitation.In doing so, we do require food identification for each guest’s food choice.This can simply be done by placing name cards with the guest’s food choice on the entry table.You can represent the food choice withspecific colors, symbols, or text.This prevents the guest from changing their minds on the day of the event, there-by throwing off the counts.From the entry table, the guest takes their card to their seat.It serves as a way to reserve their seat, in addition to providing our staff with guidance in who orders what.In the invitation, make the choice descriptions very generic.For example, instead of writing “Marinated Filet Mignon with a Cabernet Demi” simply write “Beef.”Other generic verbiage like fish, chicken, or vegetarian enables you to change your mind on the food choice should you like, without having to worry about informing the guests of the change.Should you like to avoid this altogether, but would still like to offer a choice, please ask us about combination plate entrée options.

What kind of standard décor comes with the packages?Can we choose linen colors?

Yes.You’ll have a choice of an underlay linen/color that goes down to the floor, an overlay linen/color that goes halfway down to the ground, and the napkin color choice.In addition to the flatware and china that we provide, you’re welcome to use our house mirrors as a base to your centerpiece.They’re one foot in diameter and are round.Please ask should you like to see the mirror.

Can we take pictures at the facility before the ceremony?

Yes.You may come on premises up to three hours prior to the ceremony to begin pictures.

How early can we get into the room to add personal touches to the tables, or additional décor?

You may come in up to two and a half hours prior to the ceremony.At this point, tables, chairs, and linen will be in place.

Can we offer our guests a choice of different plated menus?

Yes, but in doing so we do require food identification for what each guests orders.This can simply be a guest name card that you would provide with a letter, symbol, or color representing what entrée the guest has chosen.When the guest walks in the door, they would pick up their name card, and place it in front of the station they’re sitting at the table.This serves not only as food identification, but also as a seat reservation.Our servers would then come around and know who to present which entrée.We would need the totals for each entrée five business days prior to the wedding date.

Do you recommend a seating chart?

Generally, yes.This not only prevents open chairs from depleting seating capacity, but also serves as guidance to your guests on where to go.


Anthem Revere Promo from Memory Lane Video on Vimeo.

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